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I enjoy forging iron and other metals into creative and functional shapes that reach into people’s everyday lives and into their homes and gardens.


I first developed the passion for working with both hot and cold steel during my years in vocational high school in New York City. After high school, I joined the Navy, and spent several years building on my basic metal working skills through further education and hands-on applications.


After leaving the Navy, I further developed my metal working skills through formal, technical, trade training in structural iron working, submarine building, architectural sheet metal, and blacksmithing.


In addition to formal training I am self-taught. I am a full-time vocational high school shop teacher in central Massachusetts. I teach students welding, metallurgy, and metalworking, and offer the only high school program in ornamental blacksmithing available in Massachusetts. There are fewer than ten other such programs nationwide.


I have blended my technical background and design skills to creative functional metal work that is pleasing to the eye. My enjoyment in moving metal is reflected in my work, in which I combine iron, bronze, copper and stainless steel to produce unique objects such as furniture, garden gates, railings, fireplace accessories and decorative metal art.


I own and operate a small one-man blacksmithing studio. I continue to give blacksmithing demonstrations and teach metal working art to adults at my studio.

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